Content Marketing

The Engage 360 Online Marketing & Social Media Strategy

The “End Goal” of all marketing should be to drive ROI. Engagement is fine but it doesn’t pay the bills. We use Inbound Marketing strategies comprised of four components: Purpose Driven Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Content that Educates, Informs, and Entertains, and Syndication Tools to share your content online.

We put a target on your back so that when businesses or consumers search online for information to make a more informed purchase descision your content is there to help. Building instant credibility and driving conversions.

The Engage 360 Strategy

  1. Engage Online
  2. Drive Traffic
  3. Keyword Search Relevance
  4. Build Backlinks
  5. Lead Capture
  6. Conversions

A Good Enough Website

Your website doesn’t need to be great, it just needs to be good enough. What’s good enough?

Well for starters it should speak less about you and more about the issues your clients are trying to solve. It needs a blog to continuously add fresh content. It needs a process for capturing leads or driving conversions.

On Page and Off Page SEO

Your Web site needs to be optimized for search engines – both content and structure. On Page SEO is only half the battle, though.

You also need to focus on the Off Page SEO, and back links is a key factor. There are a number of ways to build links and great content is one of them.

Content Marketing

Regardless of your product or service, people are searching online for information to make more informed purchase decisions. If you’re content helps answer their questions, you are one step closer to a sale.

Your goal is to engage people in multiple formats wherever they choose to engage.

Content Syndication

The final component is to syndicate your content through your blog, to article, video, and podcast directories, bookmark sites, online pr publishers, and though a html email newsletter.

Each published piece builds a potential back link and helps drive traffic back to your site.

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