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Drive Business with Online Marketing and Social Media

The best time to drive a conversion is when someone is actively looking to make a decision.

  1. 60% of consumers research their purchases online first. (1)
  2. 97% of consumers use online media to search for local businesses and products. (2)
  3. Over 50% use social networking sites to conduct research (3)

Will they find you or your content when they look for more information on a product or service you offer? If you help them make a more informed decision you will be one step closer to driving a conversion.

Create Your Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Social Media Sonar provides the following four services to help you develop and implement an online marketing plan:

Ready Set Go: We build your social media strategy and presence for you including the top social networking sites, building your blog, setting up a lead capture process to build a marketing communications list. Once complete you are ready to GO.

Engage 360 Content and Inbound Marketing: Once we complete your Ready Set Go setup we take over management of your online marketing incorporating social media. We use content marketing to engage online, drive traffic, build keyword search relevance, build back links, capture leads, and drive conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization: We test your online marketing to improve your conversion rates using scientific methods such as A/B and Multivariate Testing, Eye Tracking analysis, Usability Studies, and Advanced Analytics.

Online Marketing and Social Media Training: Thinking about doing it yourself or just want to learn more to determine how to best implement an online strategy? We share what we’ve learned with you in webinars, training classes, eBooks, and Free guides.

Next Step

You can learn a lot by downloading the various free guides or by reading the Sonar blog. If you prefer to move forward sooner, call us at (770) 662-2221 and we can discuss your specific needs and provide guidance to get you started.

(1) Compete.com Online Shopper Intelligence Study
(2) BIA/Kelsey Consumer Tracking Study
(3) Deloitte Consumer Study

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