Do You Speak Twittinese?

I speak one language.  I did learn a few words of Latin in my freshman year of college.  And growing up in New Orleans and spending time in Lafayette, LA I learned a few choice words in Cajun French.  But for the record I claim just the one.

I don’t know a single shortened word of Text (as in to txt).  No desire to learn the first.  But Twitter is simple enough that even I can figure it out.  For those of you still working on speaking the native language of Twitinese, I offer this basic primer course.

A tweet is simply a statement, message, or string of words composed of a 140 or less characters.  It’s a slightly elongated headline, but like a headline, the more interesting the tweet the more likely someone will react and take action with it.

This is your handle on LinkedIn.  I’m old enough to remember when CB radio’s were the hot thing (Think Smokey and the Bandit) and every trucker and some other interesting people had creative handles.  “That’s a big 10-4 Big Momma, I’ll catch you on the flip flop”.   CB’s were the Texting of the 70’s.

Want to send a tweet to someone, use their handle.  Respond to a tweet and it adds the @ of the person you are replying to.

Unfortunately there’s a downside too.  @’s done solely for the purpose of spamming your marketing message are @ssinine.  They’re enough to make me unfollow someone.  If your message can’t gain traction in a regular tweet what makes anyone think it will do better by adding my @seanenelson.

Direct Message or DM
A good idea, that isn’t much use if you have a couple of hundred followers.  When I first started on Twitter I tried to look at and reply to direct messages.  Now the only time I do is when I’m waiting for an oil change and have nothing better to do with my iPhone.

Automated replies when you follow someone pretty much killed DM.  If you want to send someone a message you’ll have better luck putting a message in a bottle than sending a DM on Twitter. Continue reading Do You Speak Twittinese?