LinkedIn Labs Tests Out New Tools

This is likely my last post of the year and being that Christmas is only hours away I’m going to share a little LinkedIn gift with you. Many people are not aware that LinkedIn has a site where they feature internal projects. These not-ready for prime time tools may or may not be relevant but they are interesting.

Once a month LinkedIn celebrates “In Day” where LinkedIn employees are encouraged to research, experiment, and create concepts outside of there normal routine. Adam Nash explained the concept in a post on the LinkedIn blog, “This concept began with an impromptu hackday held over the 2007 holiday break and has now grown to a company-wide event (including an American Idol style panel of judges). Teams are given just five minutes to demo their hack in front of the entire company, and judges get just two minutes to ask questions.”

These are a few of the tools Continue reading LinkedIn Labs Tests Out New Tools

Post Blog to Multiple LinkedIn Groups at the Same Time

One of the things I like about social media is that as a developing medium it sometimes takes a little creativity to accomplish what you might want. Recently we had a client that engaged us to help drive traffic to their internal jobs postings. One of the first places I thought of posting these opportunities was in the jobs board in LinkedIn groups.

We did a search on industry groups and selected twenty to join. These twenty groups have over 300,000 members. The only thing left to do was to post each job opportunity in each group.

We started with 20 jobs to post and doing simple math meant that posting 20 jobs in 20 groups would require 400 posts to groups to complete . Thats a lot of time that really was not in the budget. Surely there had to be an easier way. Continue reading Post Blog to Multiple LinkedIn Groups at the Same Time

Can You Track Social Media ROI?

tracking social media roi“Can you track social media ROI?” is a simple yes or no question. Unfortunately the answer isn’t so Black and White. And, it seems the more people think about it the more mis-construed things become.

One problem with tracking social media ROI is that people often start with a flawed definition. If the words engagement, traffic, bounce rate, retweets, comments, Diggs, Stumble’s, etc are included in your definition you are already off track.

I’m not saying that you should not track or measure these items. Some of these measurements may be defined as key performance indicators and indicate whether or not you are on the right path. They just don’t belong in the ROI equation. Continue reading Can You Track Social Media ROI?

3 Requirements for Social Media

In social media you really only have one thing to set you apart from your competition…content. Now content is a pretty encompassing word and I guess you could say in life all that you have to set yourself apart is the content of your actions, the content of your beliefs, the content you speak, and so on.

So to be more specific the only content that will set you apart in social media is buyer centric content …content that speaks to your prospects in their voice from their perspective. The old adage that there is no “I” in team applies here because you and your prospect form a team. And just like a coach seeks to get his team to perform at a high level, you need to get buyers to to take action. Continue reading 3 Requirements for Social Media

The New LinkedIn Inbox

I woke up this morning and saw that LinkedIn finally aded the new inbox to my account.  I first saw the inbox about 2 months ago and wondered when it would be released to more people.  Most of my client’s still have the old inbox, so if you have not been upgraded be patient.  It should roll out over the next couple of months.

Here is a video of the new Inbox. Continue reading The New LinkedIn Inbox

Is Your LinkedIn Email For Sale or Trade?

I’m fairly open about how people connect on LinkedIn. You want to be an open networker, I’m with you. You want to be a closed networker, hey if it works for you great. Whichever way you choose you still have a obligation to those you connect with to guard the information you have gained through the connection. It really would not be cool to do something like downloading your contacts to a csv file and then trade your file with others like Topp’s Baseball cards.

Here is a LinkedIn message that I received (I’ve chosen to remove the identifying information. I have left some references so that you will recognize the message should you receive it) Continue reading Is Your LinkedIn Email For Sale or Trade?

Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes and Their Fixes


Over the last two years I’ve written often about the tips and strategies to more effectively utilize LinkedIn. It’s just as important to consider the mistakes that people make on LinkedIn that will affect their success. Many of these mistakes are often errors of omission. Today I’m going to discuss seven mistakes and then I’m going to show you how you can correct them.

Let’s get started.

1. Bad Photo Choice

One of the first things most people do when they visit a profile is look at the photo. Its natural to want to see the person behind the profile. People connect to people and a photo helps improve your visitors perception.

One of the worst mistakes is to not include a photo. What does it say about you as a business professional if you don’t understand the importance of the profile photo?

Another mistake I see is that someone decides to include the family in their photo. That’s fine on Facebook but on a professionally based network it misses the point. Add to this photos with effects or simply unclear. If someone can’t see your face or recognize you there is a problem. Continue reading Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes and Their Fixes

New Opportunities-New Hires on LinkedIn (part 6 of 10)

Last week we looked at Building Credibility on LinkedIn, which factors in today’s discussion of finding new opportunities, specifically in regards to advancing your career.

In early 2001, when the internet bubble was exploding, my wife and I decided to move from Chicago back to Atlanta. Even with the internet sky falling I could still look in the Chicago Sunday paper and find several pages of online and offline marketing jobs. Not so in Atlanta.

Prior to our move I did some looking on, Career Builder, and several other sites but didn’t see much listed. So I assumed that I would have to get down to Atlanta to press the flesh. This turned into a 5 month search that only ended because I agreed to take a position that was 100% commission based.

If I were to make that same move today the process would be completely different. While the job search sites did a great job of aggregating job posts, there was nothing to help me to the same from a networking perspective. LinkedIn has changed the equation.

With LinkedIn I could quickly identify people to connect to, begin building my brand, and search in the jobs section for opportunity. Before stepping foot in Atlanta, I would already have a handle on networking, having identified the right people to reach out to.

So within this discussion there are several keys to focus on if you want to effectively utilize LinkedIn in a job search. Continue reading New Opportunities-New Hires on LinkedIn (part 6 of 10)

Expand Your LinkedIn Reach (part 4 of 10)

linkedin expand networkIn part three of this series, Enhance Your Networking with LinkedIn, I talked about how LinkedIn could be used as a way to support your offline networking efforts. Today I continue the conversation discussing how LinkedIn can expand your reach.

Your end goal on LinkedIn should be to drive new business or to monetize LinkedIn. Your ability to communicate your message to a larger number of people, expand your reach, is critical if you hope to move from “connecting” to “collecting”.

When you’re at networking events and collecting business cards you’ve got a great opportunity to take this activity and convert it into new LinkedIn connections. This is a way to grow your direct connections. Your Direct Connections, though, are not your only network on LinkedIn.

I’ve identified three networks that everyone has access to on LinkedIn:

  1. Your Direct Network: These are the people who are 1st degree connections.
  2. Your Group Network: The people that are in the same groups as you are.
  3. The LinkedIn Network: Everyone who is a member of LinkedIn.

What makes the member of each of these a network is your ability to communicate your message to them. There are specific ways to communicate to each and we’ll touch on many of these later in the series. First we need to expand out reach. Continue reading Expand Your LinkedIn Reach (part 4 of 10)

Social Media Sonar September Posts

September was a busy and productive month with 7 posts, including the first three parts of my 10 part LinkedIn series “Can LinkedIn Work for You?”.  This month also included a primer on Twitter speak and a graphic detailing the social media/networking process.

Here’s a review and links to each article.

3 Steps to LinkedIn Success

Even if you’re not at the head of the list, only 24% of LinkedIn users are deemed “Active Users”. So once again the opportunity is out there. You simply need to focus on these three areas starting out to find success with LinkedIn.

Enhance Your Networking with LinkedIn (part 3 of 10)

The core of LinkedIn revolves around connecting to other business professionals. Networking exclusively on LinkedIn, though, ignores the human element of face to face interaction. How do you use it to enhance your other networking?

Do You Speak Twittinese?

Social networking and social media are introducing new languages in order to communicate. For those of you still working on speaking the native language of Twittinese, I offer this basic primer course.

Why Are You On LinkedIn? (Part 2 of 10)

In Part 2 of the 10 Part Series “Can LinkedIn Work for You?” we start with a question…“Why are you on LinkedIn?” LinkedIn takes time and effort to produce results. Without this answer “How do you know what actions you should be taking?”

LinkedIn User Guide

Why do only 25% of LinkedIn members use the site on a regular basis? Because most don’t know what to do after signing up. If you haven’t figured out how to use LinkedIn these resources will help.

Can LinkedIn Work for You? (part 1 of 10)

The first article in this 10 Part series asks “Can LinkedIn work for you?”. There are over 45 million people now on LinkedIn but only about 25% are active users. These articles will provide tips and strategies to more effectively use LinkedIn.

Social Media Process in a Picture

Yesterday I wrote about 6 tools that we use at SONARconnects to create and implement social media/networking strategies for ourselves and our client’s. This got me to thinking about how to simplify things by laying out the process in a graphic.

Social Media Sonar provides the following four resources for FREE… 1.  The Blog, 2. The Online Marketing/Social Media Blueprint, 3.  Conversion Rate Optimization Guide, 4.  Resource Center.  If these help you implement your own online marketing program, great. We love helping people. If you decide you need some help, great. We love new clients.  Contact Us if we can help you.