Wednesday LinkedOut Comic 10: Naked Profiles

10_linkedin_naked_profileWhen I was writing my first LinkedIn eBook I created this cartoon to add to the chapter I was writing on profiles.  A year later, I still see people with basic information on their accounts.  They likely would tell you that LinkedIn doesn’t work.

These days, though I see more “Partially Nude” profiles.  So here goes the Top 10 profile mistakes or omissions:

1.  The number one mistake is not having a good photo.

2.  Lack of employment detail

3.  Minimal or no summary

4.  Failure to customize profile URL

5.  No website listed or failure to personalize web links

6.  Not using status updates…on a regular basis

7.  Not using applications

8.  No answers or asked questions

9.  No recommendations given or received (or if there are some, not having 10 recommendations received and 15 given)

10.  This may get some push back but here it goes…Not having at least 200 connections

Bonus Mistake:  Another push back item…hiding your connections

Double Bonus:  Misspelled words in their profile…here’s a hint:  type your profile in word, spellcheck, and then post into your profile.

There may be others, these were just the 10 (12) that came to my mind right off the bat.  Mistakes 10 and 11 might be arguable depending upon how you are using LinkedIn.

What did I miss?

How Good is Your Profile?

It’s been a while since I mentioned the Linkulator so I thought I would give it a plug.  The Linkulator allows you to grade your profile and compare it to the Average LinkedIn user (at least of those who have completed it).  It takes a couple of minutes and will provide you with a numeric score of your profile, display the average user score, and then it classifies your score and provides some tips on how to improve your profile.

It’s simply a fun tool that grades your profile based on the criteria that I set.  If I had the technical skills it would be more advanced but it is what it is.

You’ll find the Linkulator at the top of my page of LinkedIn Tools

Wednesday LinkedOut Comic 07: Update Your Profile


When you created your account on LinkedIn one of the first things you probably did was to create a profile.  Creating a profile is one of the more time intensive tasks you will do on LinkedIn.  It’s a process that should never end.  As your experience, knowledge and career progresses you should continuously update it.

When you switch jobs or change careers it should be one of the first things that you update.  Too often I come across profiles that are out dated.  Is your profile up to date?

LinkedIn Part 3: Establishing Credibility

In the third installment we discuss building credibility.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to present yourself.  You can list a summary, details of past work history, your current employment, and other pieces of information.  All of this can present a picture of you but by itself doesn’t convey credibility.

LinkedIn has built in features that help you establish credibility.  All you need to do is a little extra work and credibility is yours to be gained.  Let’s take a look at your credibility opportunities:

1.  A complete profile:  It sounds simple but many people miss the point.  Your goal on LinkedIn is to be found and once found to be seen as relevant.  The more information you present, the more likely you are to be found.           Continue reading LinkedIn Part 3: Establishing Credibility

LinkedIn Presence Score Tool…Compare Youself to Others

The Presence tool allows you to put a numeric score to how effective you have been in creating your profile, building connections, giving and receiving recommendations and participating in LinkedIn Answers.  It also records your score and returns an average score based on people that have previously rated themselves.  Now you can see how effective you have been relative to others.

This was originally designed as a paper based scoring tool to be given out as a bonus to anyone buying the Got LinkedIn book.  After some thought, I decided that it would be better suited as an electronic tool that would allow you to compare yourself to the average score generated by other users.

Until I come up with a better name, you can call it the Linkerator (LinkedIn mashed with Numerator).  Let me know what you think.  Score your presence by Clicking Here!