3 Steps to LinkedIn Success

Norvax logoToday is Monday and usually you can expect a new blog post…and specifically this Monday part 4 of my 10 part LinkedIn series.  Unfortunately I have to ask for a Mulligan and will pick the series up next Monday.

Last Thursday and Friday I spoke at Norvax University in Los Angeles.  Norvax U is an educational event put on by Norvax, which provides quote engines for over 10,000 health insurance brokers across the country.  The event went great and I had the opportunity to meet many of the attendees.  I’ll talk more about the event in a second.

Like I said the event went great.  Getting back to Atlanta…not so well.  It started with a call saying my flight had been postponed from 2:30PM until 5:30 PM.  I got this at 11:45 as I was 5 minutes into my drive to the Airport.  So I went back to the Hotel and had lunch with the attendees.

My second try at going to the airport did not work out so well.  I left the hotel at 1:15 and then received a message saying that the flight had been bumped up to a 4:11 departure.  Thanks to an accident I didn’t make it to drop off the rental car until 3:30.  I made it to the terminal by 3:40…31 minutes to go.  Then I got hit by the Delta line to check your bags. Continue reading 3 Steps to LinkedIn Success