LinkedIn Marketing Secret Formula

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“Finally someone has written a LinkedIn book that actually lays out a strategic approach to using LinkedIn.”

— Ross Dodwell
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There are a number of LinkedIn books that will tell you what LinkedIn is, the difference in connection degrees, and how to learn the basics. This isn’t one of those books. This is “100% Pure” LinkedIn strategy.

This book details the strategies I have used for the last 3 years that has resulted in prospects contacting me to help them with my services. Over the last three weeks I have had 14 prospects call me. This is the result of using the strategies I describe to communicate my message to thousands of LinkedIn members on a consistent basis.

You’ll learn about the two types of opportunities available on LinkedIn. The three connection strategies you can use. The three networks you can communicate with and the different ways to communicate your message to each.

You’ll learn about the Hierarchy of Familiarity and what has to happen before anyone will choose to work with you. Finally, you’ll learn 13 action steps you can take to get started productively using LinkedIn.

I even detail how I used LinkedIn to drive traffic to my blog growing it from 2,200 visitors in March of 2009 to close to 50,000 visitors by June.

Time is money. You can spend months testing and trying out different strategies and you may eventually discover the strategies in this book. Or you can make a small investment and be on your way to using LinkedIn to drive business today.

Join our Affiliate Program! and earn 50% commission on all sales.