When to Tweet?

Every day it seems like there is a new social media related application released.  While I tend to try out a number of the applications that I encounter, the reality is that few of them do enough or specifically what it is that I am looking for.

I look for apps that:

  1. Simplify Workflows
  2. Save Time
  3. Expand Functionality
  4. Better Clarify Information or Data

Some of the tools I encounter are one trick ponies, others have more than one of these features.  Either way the the apps I choose to use have to make sense from a business perspective.

A recent tool that I discovered is When to Tweet, created by Niklas Agevik and Stefan Alund.  Whentotweet analyzes when your followers are active and gives you a personalized recommendation on what the best time of day for you to tweet is. Its a simple but powerful concept …Your tweets are most likely to be seen and responded to when your followers are most active.

It only addresses one of the four criteria listed above but better understanding when to tweet can help drive more traffic, engagement, conversions, etc.

I ran a report on @seanenelson, my Twitter account, and it showed the following graph:


The times listed are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) so you will need to adjust the data to your time zone.  You can do so at http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com.  Here in Georgia I subtract 4 hours while in Daylight Savings Time and when we switch to Standard Time in October I would subtract 5 hours.

Looking at the chart right now I see that the best time for me to tweet is around 12:30 PM (adjusted from GMT to EST), but I also see that I have a window from 10 AM to 2:30 PM.

The current Free tool  analyzes your first 500 followers and 200 tweets of each follower to determine the best times for you to tweet.

A Pro version, not yet available, is expected to analyze up to 1,000 tweets from up to 1 million followers.  The current projected cost for a Pro report is set at $20.  Not a bad one time or even annual cost to determine when you should be tweeting.  My only request is that the Pro report return times based on the time zone the recipient lives.

You can sign up at the site to receive an email when the Pro Version is available.

My Verdict:   A interesting tool worth checking out.

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Twitter Infographic

Infographics seem to be a hot trend among internet and online marketers. An infographic is simply a graphic representation of information, date, knowledge, processes, etc.  And while they may seem to be a new tool to communicate, they have been around since the first caveman decided to practice graffiti on the walls of his cave.

Since 1980’s USA Today has used mini infographics to present data in quick, easy to digest manner.  With the emergence of social media they seem to have hit a resurgence, moving from the simple USA Today model to more complex, visual representations of data.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than an infographic may be worth a million or more.

Yesterday as I was writing a new blog post about a new Twitter tool I discovered I decided that it would be cool to maybe add a Twitter infographic to the post.  Eight hours of work later I decided that the infographic was strong enough to stand on its own and better the focus of its own post.  I’ll post next week on the tool that I found that analyzes your followers to show you the best times for you to tweet, but for now I offer my Twitter infographic.


If you like the infographic please retweet it. (thanks)

Social Media Sonar provides the following four resources for FREE… 1.  The Blog, 2. The Online Marketing/Social Media Blueprint, 3.  Conversion Rate Optimization Guide, 4.  Resource Center.  If these help you implement your own online marketing program, great. We love helping people. If you decide you need some help, great. We love new clients.  Contact Us if we can help you.

I Suck and I’m Not Worth Following

A Quick Twitter Rant

Would you ever tweet that message on your Twitter account. I wouldn’t, yet every day I see people doing it.

Of course they are not doing it on purpose. In fact I think many feel they are actually to some degree shaming those that un-followed them. They just don’t realize that the jokes on them.

You can recognize these “I Suck” posts easily, they look like this: @ayz_abc @123_456 @some_person @yougetthepoint un-followed me today … checked by http:/any-number-of-twitter-followers-sites.com

So if you are someone who tweets the names of people who un-follow you, what’s the purpose? What do you hope to get out of the tweet. Do you actually think that someone that un-followed you is suddenly going to say “Sorry about that, please let me re-follow you”.

Do you actually take an un-follow so personal that you have to comment on it. I don’t get it.

When I see Continue reading I Suck and I’m Not Worth Following

How’s Your Social Media Swing?

I’ve heard it all. Social media is the greatest evolution in marketing to its the biggest waste of time and money. I agree with both. Its not the tool itself but how it is used.

If I had Tiger Woods’ golf clubs I would still suffer the same severe handicap. I do have a Ken Griffey Jr. autographed Louisville Slugger but I’m not likely to do more than stir air if I faced even your average major league pitcher. Its not about the bat or the club; its about the swing.

Hitters in baseball have batting coaches and even Tiger has a swing coach. Today we’re going to take a look at some basics to craft your social media swing. Continue reading How’s Your Social Media Swing?

Top Moments in Social Media

I was doing some research the other day and decided to see if I could find the definitive moments in social media.  I was able to find numerous yearly top 10 reviews but didn’t have much success finding a list from the early 2000’s to today.  So even though I didn’t find  “the” top moments, I did find some moments that I think would at least be on the list for consideration.

  1. iPhone is Launched
    Prior to the iPhone launch cell phones could access the internet ..the iPhone just did it phenomenally better. From the touch screen, to the emergence of apps, to actually being able to read a website on a smart phone, the iPhone took mobile by the hair and dragged it from cool to useful. 

    It didn’t take me long to pass my Blackberry on to my wife so that I could sport an iPhone.

  2. Iran Election Protests
    There have been revolutions and protests in closed nations before. Twitter though gave a face to the Iranian elections protests, allowing previous restricted content, photos, and stories to make it past the media monitors and filter to the masses. 

    Lack of a free press is no longer a hindrance to the truth being told or shown. Continue reading Top Moments in Social Media

Social Media, Cheesecake, and Paying Attention: $5.99 to Create a Fanatic

cheesecake from Copeland's AtlantaWhat’s a customer worth to you? How many times will they buy? What’s their average purchase in terms of dollars? What’s the value if they go from a customer to a fanatic and generate ongoing word of mouth with everyone they know?

I recently posted a question to a LinkedIn group “Is Twitter Noise or an effective Business Tool?” The responses are mixed, though more see it as an effective business tool. But many say they just don’t get it. I think those that don’t get it just haven’t taken the time to think creatively and strategically about how to put to use the ability to communicate and engage with potentially hundreds or thousands of potential prospects, customers, and fanatics.

So let’s look at a success story. Continue reading Social Media, Cheesecake, and Paying Attention: $5.99 to Create a Fanatic

4 Twitter Statistics to Encourage Tweeting

I was doing some research this week reading various blogs and news articles and decide to write down some of the statistics that caught my eye. A set of these statistics focused on Twitter and how people are using the service to take action.

43% Follow Brands on Twitter Looking for Deals and Offers
One of the first things we do with a new client is ask them the following question, “If I follow you on Twitter, what’s in it for me?”

Now we know that some people will follow a business back to help build their own network. But, what about others. Are you providing value to them? What will capture their attention?

Coupons, discounts, special offers are a great way to engage customers and prospects. We recently ran a promotion with Copeland’s Atlanta where they gave away $50 gift cards to the first 5 people that walked into a location and said “Best Brunch in Atlanta”. Continue reading 4 Twitter Statistics to Encourage Tweeting

7 Top Twitter Mistakes

default_profile_normalThe greatest tweet in the world is worthless if no one reads it. An OK tweet to a network of thousands is likely to produce more results than a great tweet to hundreds. Its a numbers game and you should be playing to win.

When new people to LinkedIn tell me they don’t know how LinkedIn will help them I tell them to “start building your network now so that when you do figure it out you’ll be ahead of the game”. The same goes for Twitter…if you don’t know why you Tweet, don’t worry. Start building your followers.

Here are seven mistakes to avoid if you want to grow a significant following:

  1. Still Displaying the Brown Photo
    For many this is an automatic “no follow” mistake. Its just assumed that if you have not taken the time to update your photo then you must not be serious or active on Twitter. If you’re not active, what’s the point of following you. Post a picture of your dog and you’ll have a better response to people following you.
  2. Display a picture of your child
    Your child may be cute but if that’s your Twitter profile I’m probably not going to follow you. I love children…have thre young ones now…but I don’t follow children on Twitter if I can help it. And I don’t take the time to click on the link to verify who and what you are.
  3. Have a picture with your shirt off (guys…and girls I guess too)
    I’m glad that you’re proud of the work you’ve put in at the gym but it doesn’t really come across well online. Buy a domain and post all of the skin photos you want. Continue reading 7 Top Twitter Mistakes