Can You Change the Order of Your Current Positions on LinkedIn?

Most of my posts tend to be long topical posts. This means that lately I’m writing a new post about every two weeks. I’ve decided to try and post more frequently so I will be adding tips and questions that I receive into mini-posts. I’ll still write the longer post, but hopefully this will increase the value.

Todays question: “I put a current position as a board member of the Johns Creek Business Association in my employment section because I saw other people who have done the same. Linkedin lists that membership above my actual business. Is there a way to reorder the two items so my business is on top?”

Answer: The quick answer is no. There is no function to re-arrange positions. It seems to be a last in, first listed approach. This is one of the things you come across in LinkedIn that will drive you crazy. It’s a simple feature that would add value.

When I created my LinkedIn profile I had one company. Now I have four that I wouldn’t mind displaying on my profile. The problem is that the first one, which currently produces the most revenue is listed last. And since it only displays up to three current companies at the top of my profile I had to make a choice. Do I list the fourth, which is a networking community portal that I’ve started and have my main company only show further down, or delete the community portal listing.

I chose to delete the community portal. It doesn’t make sense to not have my primary company listed up top.

As I thought about this, one option would be to switch the names of the companies, which would work in some cases. In mine though, I have 15 recommendations with the first company, and switching the names would then show that these recommendations were for my fourth company, the community portal.

I could make the switch and then ask each person that made a recommendation to go back in and edit them by selecting the appropriate company. But this seems like a lot of trouble and a inconvenience to those who were kind enough to write a recommendation. So, if you don’t have any recommendations make the switch. Otherwise, just deal with it.

Another option would be to delete the company you want at top and re-add it. Once again only do this if you have no recommendations.