How to Post a Video on LinkedIn

Video cover blog postA couple of posts ago I talked about adding video to your profile and included some instructions.  The instructions may not have been as clear as I would like so I’m taking a second stab at it.

There are two ways to do this; both using applications.  I’m going to explain how to do so using the Google Presentation application.  I’m going to assume that you have already added the Google Presentation application to your profile.  If you would like to see a tutorial on posting a video with SlideShare go to Nathan Kievman’s profile and he discusses doing so in a video.

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1.  Sign into LinkedIn and on the left you have your side navigation links.  At the bottom is the link for “Applications” and you want to click on it.

2.  On the applications page you want to click on “Google Presentation”.

3.  On the Google Presentation page…at the top right… is a text link:  “Go to application”.  Click on it.

4.  On the next page (Headline is “How will You Present Yourself) you’ll see an empty white box on the left side and text above.  In the text is a text link “create your presentation”.  Click on this link.

5.  This takes you to Google Docs and has started an untitled presentation document.  You want to click on the Insert Tab and select “Video”

6.  This will open a pop up window that allows you to search You Tube for videos.  Once you find your video click on it and that will activate the “Select Video” button below.  Click on the button.

7.  This adds the video to your presentation.  If you notice a lot of white space around the video you want to resize it.  Simply click on the white boxes at the corners of the video and drag them to fill in the white space.

8.  Next click on the File Tab and chose “Rename” to rename your video.

9.  Next click on the File Tab and choose “Save and Close”.

10.  This will take you back to the Google Docs page and your presentation will be shown.  Click on the check box next to your video.  Next click on the More Actions Tab and choose “Publish”.

11.  This opens up another page and you want to click on the “Publish Document” button.  You can then close this browser page.

12.  Go back to the original page that you clicked on “create your presentation”.  Refresh the screen and your new presentation should be visible in the left box.  There should be an ad in the right box.

Your presentation will be underlined and look like a hypertext link.  Click on your presentation and this activates the blue “Post to Profile” button.  There is a check box next to it to notify your network that you have posted a new presentation.  Click on the blue button.

13.  If you see your video in the right box you’ve now posted the video presentation to your profile.

14.  Go to your public profile to double check that your video is there.

It looks a lot more complicated than it is if you follow the steps outlined above.  If your video is not on YouTube you will need to create a YouTube account and load your video there first.

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