LinkedIn Marketing Book 2nd Edition

LinkedIn Marketing bookIn June of 2009 I released my eBook LinkedIn Marketing Secret Formula. At the time it was one of the first books to look at using LinkedIn to communicate a message to tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.  That might sound like spam but the techniques I detailed were all through indirect communication tactics.  At no point did it advocate or suggest that you send sales messages directly to people.

As I release the 2nd edition of the book it is still one of the only books that lays out a LinkedIn communications strategy.  Most books simply tell you what LinkedIn is and help you learn how to accomplish tasks such as completing your profile, creating a group, answering questions, etc.  Nothing wrong with that, I released two such books:  LinkedIn 101 in 2008 and The LinkedIn MBA in 2009.  There are enough people that will continue to release these types of books which are great for people new to LinkedIn.

This book is for the person that has figured out the basics of LinkedIn and is ready to put it to work for them.

The core of the book evolves around the simple concept of understanding your three true LinkedIn networks.  I’m not talking about degrees of connection, but three distinct networks determined by the ability to communicate a message to.

Your three LinkedIn networks are:

  • The entire LinkedIn membership
  • The people you are directly connected to
  • The people who belong to the same groups that you do

Each of these networks have specific ways that you can communicate directly or indirectly to.  Understanding how to reach each with your message is what takes LinkedIn from a networking tool to a business growth and lead generation tool.  Its what I discuss in LinkedIn Marketing Secret Formula.

The book was originally released at a cost of $39.99.  I still think that the information in the book is good value at that price point, but for a short period I am going to offer a 40% discount with a request that you simply post a review as a comment to this post.  To read more information on the book and purchase click here.  Be sure to use discount code:  2Y4001.

If you’re interested,  I am simultaneously releasing the 2nd edition of “The Insurance Brokers Guide to LinkedIn” and “The 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile Workbook”.

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Sean Nelson

Sean has been a Keynote speaker at Norvax University, conducts social media workshops and webinars, and has released three books on LinkedIn and written several social media guides. Sean currently runs Social Media Sonar, which in addition to providing free resources, manages social media strategies and tactics for companies. He is also a partner in Surge Labs, a conversion rate optimization company, helping companies improve conversions and profitability through scientific testing of Landing Pages, Websites, Email communications, and Shopping Carts.