Social Media, Cheesecake, and Paying Attention: $5.99 to Create a Fanatic

cheesecake from Copeland's AtlantaWhat’s a customer worth to you? How many times will they buy? What’s their average purchase in terms of dollars? What’s the value if they go from a customer to a fanatic and generate ongoing word of mouth with everyone they know?

I recently posted a question to a LinkedIn group “Is Twitter Noise or an effective Business Tool?” The responses are mixed, though more see it as an effective business tool. But many say they just don’t get it. I think those that don’t get it just haven’t taken the time to think creatively and strategically about how to put to use the ability to communicate and engage with potentially hundreds or thousands of potential prospects, customers, and fanatics.

So let’s look at a success story.

Over the last year and a half we’ve managed  Social Media for the group that owns the Copeland’s New Orleans Style Restaurants in Atlanta. Yesterday I noticed a tweet from one of their followers:

1:57pm, Apr 28 from UberTwitter

Happy Birthday To Me. I’m At My Favorite Restaurant @CopelandsATL In BuckHead. Think We Should Of Left @KingLilEnvazion At Home. LOL!!

I immediately called the store manager to alert him that there was a person in his store who just tweeted about eating at their favorite restaurant for their birthday. He was in the process of leaving for a meeting but said he would look to see if the person was in the restaurant.

While he was doing that we sent two tweets to @ShaaMomanger:

2:07pm, Apr 28 from HootSuite

@ShaaMomanger If you are still at Copeland’s the manager, Glen, is looking for you.


2:09pm, Apr 28 from HootSuite

@ShaaMomanger Happy B’day to U. Happy B’day to you. Happy B’day dear @shaamomanger. Happy B’day to you!

When is the last time someone tweeted you Happy Birthday?  Unfortunately Glen could not find her before he had to leave for his meeting.

2:49pm, Apr 28 from UberTwitter

RT @CopelandsATL: @ShaaMomanger If you are still at Copeland’s the manager, Glen, is looking for you <-At The Door. Glen Come Back. WaitN

No problem. Glen called me to see if I could help track her down. I made a quick call to the hostess, who actually knew who I was looking for. “She comes here for lunch all the time. I’ll take care of her”, she said.

2:53pm, Apr 28 from HootSuite

@ShaaMomanger Glen left but we have you taken care of. The hostess knows you and should be with you shortly.

One piece of cheesecake later…

3:14pm, Apr 28 from UberTwitter

No Need For Anyone Else To Buy Me A Birthday Cake. My Friends Sue, Glen @CopelandsATL Took Care Of Dat.

How many people do you think she will tell about her experience? For nothing more than paying attention and $5.99 Copeland’s Atlanta just created a fanatic. Twitter is just another tool for you to use. You have to open you mind to discover how it can benefit your business or it will be “just noise”.

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