25 thoughts on “Is Twitter Noise or a Valid Business Tool?”

  1. Hi: My twitter has more people following me than I am allowed to follow…I have over 400 direct messages an I dont understand really how to best obtain from twitter the best for twittering. I am greatful for your article.
    Saundra Allman
    Realtor DRE #01188528

  2. Sean

    thanks so much for this post.

    I have to agree with your point:

    “One thing I do is periodically use the search function to find tweets about a topic. This allows me to stay on top of what others are saying about social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a number of topics that interest me.”

    Nevertheless, it is a time consuming tool if you are running a small or medium-sized business.

    Hence, without addressing your opportunity costs you might be surprised….

    Urs @ComMetrics
    My.ComMetrics.com – benchmark your blog – improve performance

  3. Sean,

    This is a very useful article, even for a social media idiot like me. By the way, twitter actually has 75 mil users…

    Keep up the good work!

    Samuel Diener

  4. Thanks Sam. As far as the number of people on Twitter there’s no way to officially know. I saw a reference to 90 million, then saw another with 50 million. The last official notice I saw was at the 25 to 29 million mark. I took the safe way saying more than 25 million so technically I wasn’t wrong, but obviously no where near the buillseye.

    Theres also the issue of thenumber of accounts that have less than 10 followers and less than 3 tweets, which I saw cited as around 38%. Twitter so far does not release official numbers.

    Keep rockin’ Sam. ***For those interested Sam’s blog is on the blog roll. Check it out.


  5. Sean, as you said, if you have a plan and target the right people to follow and that follow you, you can get tremendous results from Twitter. I get, on average, about 2,000 visits to my website just from Twitter alone.

  6. Good review and info, Sean. Brings more clarity to the issue and ideas on high to maximize depending on your business need and time utilization.

    Also like you site.

  7. I think Twitter can be just noise, but you need to understand how to filter it out and utilize what’s there for you. I think the new “lists” function helps corral the folks you want to communicate with, and filters out the ones to ignore.
    Without a plan in place, as you discuss, twitter is just practicing self expression, or pushy sales.

  8. Sean,
    You hit my issue with Tweeter right on the head as far as my experience: “A tweet to someone with a couple of thousand followers may only be on that persons first page for 15 seconds.” I was the one with the not thousand but just few followings and it became no more than just a noise.

  9. This weekend I’m taking a class on Social Media Strategies to better understand the powerful tools available. We are a recycling start-up looking to expand our brand. This is a new and fresh adventure. Kind Regard’s / ‘M’.

  10. Thanks so much for such an informative article! I'm going to incorporate several of your ideas, including the twitter planning spreadsheet, into my business.

  11. Sean, I just read your article and found it very informative. I am just starting to use social media for my business and Twitter always seemed to be difficult for me. I decided to do a little more research so I can understand it better. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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