Social Media Process in a Picture

Yesterday I wrote about 6 tools that we use at SONARconnects to create and implement social media/networking strategies for ourselves and our client’s.  This got me to thinking about how to simplify things by laying out the process in a graphic.  Below is the result of that exercise.  I hope it helps you see the overall picture.

Social Media Process flow

Does this help you see things more clearly?

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Sean Nelson

Sean has been a Keynote speaker at Norvax University, conducts social media workshops and webinars, and has released three books on LinkedIn and written several social media guides. Sean currently runs Social Media Sonar, which in addition to providing free resources, manages social media strategies and tactics for companies. He is also a partner in Surge Labs, a conversion rate optimization company, helping companies improve conversions and profitability through scientific testing of Landing Pages, Websites, Email communications, and Shopping Carts.

18 thoughts on “Social Media Process in a Picture”

  1. Sean,
    This is a great start!
    I’d like to suggest that some key elements are missing from the state of the internet – that prevents us from enjoying the cooperative benefits of a “U-Netted Nations”.

    As we transition from a self-serving debt-based economy to the mutually-beneficial innovation economy, our shared governance must be more that just who can utilize the latest media to “shout the loudest and farthest..”. The random results of that approach can only be random value.

    There may be an answer –

    – and it will likely require asking the right questions

  2. Jodi,

    I’m glad the graphic helped. It was a great exercise to create, requiring me to go through our process and communicate it in a simple maner.


  3. Oh yeah that’s the ticket! It sure beats the heck out of my stack of cocktail napkins and notebook pages. Thank you for sharing, you just saved me a days work!

  4. Oh yeah that's the ticket! It sure beats the heck out of my stack of cocktail napkins and notebook pages. Thank you for sharing, you just saved me a days work!

  5. Sean,

    Thanks this is a nice clean illustration. As a data guy I would only suggest that the interaction of corporations into this stream/community is not clear. I see two elements in the bottom and inputs to the stream (communicate, educate and inform) and two as outcomes (build credibility and googleable). The transition to Monetize is a bit open ended but also very content dependent.

    All in all, very helpful to bring the concepts into view.


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